UbliBot for

Product traceability

How UbliBot helps

Product traceability allows organizations to track their inventory movements from end-to-end, meaning they track every aspect of manufacturing and distributing, through their operational steps. Product traceability helps these organizations to optimize production or trace their history.

UbliBot combines business process format standardization (such as OASIS UBL) and digital connections with RFID and NFC technologies, enabling organizations to increase the traceability of products, improve the time to market and warehouse management and to reduce data exchange barriers with external providers by shortening the distances along the supply chain.

Digital data exchange

Reliable organizations provide business process formats (language) and real-time data connections to communicate across supply chains.


These organizations achieve traceability, reduce counterfeiting and unauthorised distribution channels by reducing the distance at each step of the supply chain with the integration of information flows among different departments (through RFIds) and companies (through business process standards and RFIDs).