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How UbliBot helps

With EDI, you often have to deal with different solutions. Such as a solution for integration, an EDI gateway, and an EDI broker. And usually the non-EDI documents are processed manually or with a 3rd party solution. All this makes EDI unnecessarily complex and often difficult to budget.

UbliBot makes the swith to EDI simple, by offering everything you need in a single platform.


UbliBot adopted EDIFACT and PEPPOL EDI. Both standards provide a set of syntax rules to structure, an interactive exchange protocol and provides a set of standard messages which allow multi-country and multi-industry exchange of electronic business documents. 

The most powerful way to automate EDI

Central to UbliBot is API, which provides unparalleled data visibility and end-to-end monitoring. UbliBot sends and receives EDI using API. It converts API to EDI and vice-versa. UbliBot eliminates the time & cost spent on building EDI expertise and infrastructure.

Simple views

Order management view

For operations stakeholders to manage orders, invoices, shipments, and other important documents.

Issues and Allerts view

For the compliance team to ensure your business partners are sending compliant EDI messages.  

EDI, JSON, UBL Format view

For developers to onboard business partners, troubleshooting and development. 

Integrate with trading partners

Make it easy for your trading partners to integrate with your organization. Upload your EDI specifications and expose them as API for your trading partners. 

EDI is pre-internet legacy. Complex EDI specifications, compliances, lack of real-time validation. UbliBot takes away these pains. 

Real-time compliance validation

Validate your messages against partner compliance rules before transmission, making real-time compliance a reality. This ensures there is no garbage in, garbage out and eliminates chargebacks.

Simple setup

Setup integrations in a few days or even hours instead of months. UbliBot APIs eliminates the need to understand the complexity of EDI. 

Greater visibility

UbliBot lets you integrate EDI data with your reports and ERP. Getting information out of a traditional EDI system is hard.