UbliBot Self-Managed

Understanding the cost of UbliBot

Run Ublion your way.

No Vendor Lock-In | No Feature Limits | No Channel Limits | No Rate Limits | No user limits

The best way to use UbliBot is our Managed Cloud. Subscribers who want to manage UbliBo themselves, whether on public, private, or hybrid cloud, can download the Docker or HELM for Kubernetes. Developers try UbliBot and quickly transform a MVP into a large-scale deployment powering mission-critical system, without any limitation.




  • Includes basic features of UbliBot to deploy, orchestrate, and operate UbliBot.


  • Includes advanced features for security, teams, multi-environment, and high availability.


  • Includes Enterprise features. 24/7/365 priotity support. Dedicated support contacts

Every major cloud

Quickly and easily launch UbliBot on your own servers or deploy to every major cloud environment.

Our guiding principles

We want UbliBot core technology to be completely open – process any document, manage the data, and connect to any software system or tool. An all-in-one low code solution to support any document processing use case. The proof of our pudding is in our engineering team. They code, improve, and help our customers.

Our customers can use UbliBot without worrying whether they are able to handle document, format, data, and process diversity and requirements. They simply benefit from an all in one solution.

Customer support will make or break us and our guiding principle is simple – We will do whatever it takes to help our self-managed customers up and running.

We like to keep it simple and transparant. 

What we bring on the table is tiered pricing model for the software and support. They can use the UbliBot as they like. Code whatever they like. And opt for additional support if they need help. The considered parameters are:

  1. Software tier
  2. Support tier

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