UbliBot Roadmap

Understanding UbliBot Roadmap

Cover process complexity

With a focus on invoices and orders

Many enterprises have defined Intelligent Document Processing as the process of converting paper documents to digital and process them automatically. We build UbliBot release 1.0 for this.  However, processing alone does not adequately cover the complexity and variance of processes required to efficiently send, receive, validate and process documents. The implication is that enterprises are missing out on much higher automation speeds, cost reductions and additional options for capturing savings.

Digital invoices and Orders
- Q4/2022

By sending and receiving e-Invoices and EDI, organisations can completely eliminate its associated stationery, postage and administration costs. Not only that, but e-Invoices and EDI arrive instantly at customers, enabling our customers to receive payment sooner.

UbliBot enables customers to perform e-Invoicing and EDI with both their suppliers and customers, with the documents integrated directly into their software and tools.

Using UbliBot’s Web Portal our customers can enable all of their customers and suppliers, regardless of their size or technology maturity. In addition, larger trading partners can exchange e-Invoices and Orders via EDI. Trading Partners can create and send eInvoices and Orders  using UbliBot’s Web Portal as well, as view, analyze and download documents that they have sent or retreived.

UbliBot comprises 8 core capabilities:

  • Web Portal
  • EDI, Peppol, Email Integration
  • Format-to Format converters
  • Data Validation
  • Image Generation
  • Document Archiving
  • Data Transformation
  • Compliance

- Q4/2022

Enterprises gather tons of data from documents. For example what’s being purchased and by which location or department. The data collected from bnoth unstructured as structured documents can help them in strategic initiatives like forecasting future purchasing trends and identifying opportunities for cost savings.

We have a strong background in big data engineering and science and offer a fast data stack with pre-built connectors as a service known as Scout. (It’s used by Ublion, LEFT Mobility and other services).

We will enable our fast data platform for UbliBot for for example Logistics, Supply Chain, Commerce, AP and AR analytics and science. 

- Q4/2022

PSD2 APIs allow standardised access to transactional data, which banks must provide to third parties.

UbliBot covers the whole Purchase to Pay and Order to Cash process by connecting bank transactions with invoices.

UbliBot subscriber benefits are:

  • matching invoice data with payment data
  • Access to banking transactional history
  • Financial dashboard, including profit & Loss dashboard
  • Access to invoice history
  • Supplier and customer analytics

- 2023

In the past, Tax Reporting was often just an isolated side activity. In the future it might become the trigger for the digitalisation and automation. 

The Financial Supply Chain is affected first of increasing requirements by tax authorities. In advanced countries in LATAM, businesses have to electronically transmit in real-time invoices and all other tax relevant messages to the tax authorities. Some Asian and European countries require in step one just invoice extracts, but extend this in step two to full content invoices (e.g. Italy). Likely, in the future, they will also require the electronic transmission of all other tax relevant documents. The messages are also appropriate to be exchanged between businesses.

In the Physical Supply Chain, goods might be tracked and traced. Data shall be transmitted in real-time to the tax authorities.

Currently we are developing Tax for UbliBot together with closed group customers in the Netherlands. The module generates VAT and other taxes based on invoice and other data. The tax return will be 100% automated.

Main features:

  • Extra key data for tax reports
  • Automate tax returns
  • Identify tax deductions and credits 
  • Identify tax evasions
  • Forecast the burden of tax