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How UbliBot helps

RPA data entry is more accurate than manual data entry. Software bots aren’t prone to human error and they don’t get tired or distracted. There are no typos and no entries going in the wrong field.
UbliBot completes RPA tools with AI, document intelligence, and process orchestration to enable true automation at scale helping companies to rapidly automate as many business processes as possible.

Integrate with your RPA solution

Cognitive automation represents a spectrum of approaches that improve how automation can capture data, automate decision-making and scale automation. UbliBot offers a one-size-fits all document processing and orchestration platform, which you can connect via API to 3rd party RPA tools to manage, automate, & optimize your workflows.

Build frictionless data flows

To keep your business competitive, you need to foster trust in the document classification and data based on its quality and compliance and ensure access and discoverability of that data for your entire organization. UbliBot provides a unified document to data platform for the entire company where you can use and share document types, formats, and data. 

Power document data governance

Most document processing solutions offer domain specific applications with straightforward services: document in → data out through API. This creates a management, governance, and security nightmare. UbliBot offers a one-size-fits all solution, to power end-to-end management, control, security and visibility.

Build new document AI models - fast

Documents come in all types, shapes, and formats. With UbliBot you can forget templates and rules. Or lots of documents to train a new model. Up  to 20 documents. That’s all to create an AI model for new semi and unstructured documents.