UbliBot for

Hospatility, hotels, restaurants, events

How UbliBot helps

Many hotels, restaurants and events venues rely on paper forms and print high volumes of documents every day. Often, these documents are orders and invoices; others include supply and delivery documents (GRNs), as well as in-house documents, such as timesheets and human resources. In addition, there is guest information. UbliBot turns the documents into meaningful datasets and streamlines automated workflows to ensure smooth operations, data compliance and cost reduction.

UbliBot helps you go paperless and digitise paper information.

UbliBot allows permissions-based access to your information from any location. 

UbliBot dashboards ensure that you have insights across all operations.

Workflow alerts and notifications to prevent bottlnecks and ensure that procedures are met.

UbliBot keeps time-stamped information of your documents in one location.

UbliBot workflows assure that procedures are followed according your policies.

UbliBot processes any document, regardless layout, language, format, pages.

UbliBot embeds best practices in your digital business processes.


UbliBot helps you to meet data protection requirements. Data can be redacted (masked) to enable viewing without compromising privacy and data is tagged on entry to ensure that it is automatically retained and purged in accordance with data regulations.

Cross region

UbliBot helps you to reduce complexity and costs by offering a single glass of pane with self-service for all your documents and automations. No matter the number of regions, organizations, departments, structures, and users you have to manage. UbliBot turns your documents into meaningful datasets and automates your workflows. 

Integrate UbliBot with legacy systems and leading software solutions