UbliBot for


Take control of AP and AR processes

UbliBot makes it easy to automate financial document flows. Connect your channels, upload your documents, define your key data points and eInvoicing format requirements and compose data pipelines. Or issue, transmit, receive and process all your invoices electronically ditrectly from your ERP system.

Comply with e-invoicing mandates 

A rapidly growing number of countries are making e-invoicing mandatory. To operate in these countries, your business must follow emerging legislation. UbliBot helps you comply with regulations. 

Streamline invoice and Order processing

Send and receive invoices and orders via any channel, no matter the format, country, language, layout or pages. UbliBot reads electronic, scanned and PDF invoices and orders like humans and turns them into your required e-Invoice format, validated to rules and mandates. 

Build better business analytics

Use data analytics to help the business uncover valuable insights within their financial documents, identify process improvements that can increase efficiency, and better manage risk.