We re-thought the entire document processing toolset

Away from templates and domain specific applications

42% of tasks will be automated in 2027

Document processing is a fragmented market with a variety of domain specific applications. This creates a management, governance, and security nightmare. With UbliBot, organizations can standardize on a single context driven document processing & orchestration platform that centralizes all core document processing and services all HA and automation needs.


UbliBot supports end-to-end document processing and data management needs, from document classification to data gathering, data format, integration and delivery.


UbliBot drives clear and predictable value while supporting security and compliance needs.


UbliBot runs anywhere, it's designed and built for Kubernetes to ensure true portability for the (hybrid) cloud.


Qualify documents, uncover valuable insights from text, create new formats and initiate the next step. UbliBot processes any documents seamlessly. With minimal setup. Regardless type, format, pages, language, source, or layout.


UbliBot document AI applies masking and bidirectional training which therefore better takes into account the context. A few samples are sufficient to build new models. Models can be deployed to different domains. No ML experience required.


The development of UbliBot format-to-format converters is based on global business process standards such as JSON, OASIS/UBL, cXML, OCI, EDIFACT, XML, CSV, and PDF. It's designed for the commerce supply chain.

Run UbliBot your way

The best way to use UbliBot is Ublion Cloud, our public cloud managed service. Customers who want to manage UbliBot themselves, whether on public, private, or hybrid cloud, can download the Dockerized UbliBot.

Developers try our products and quickly transform a proof-of-concept into a large-scale deployment powering mission-critical systems.

The self-managed BASIC edition can be used at no cost. Use UbliBot Cloud, or deploy on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or your own. 

Make your document data relevant and visible, not just accessible.

It can be challenging to classify and collect the right data from documents — and an even bigger challenge to do so at the speed your business demands. UbliBot provides a unified approach for document classification, data  gathering, integration, transformation, and mapping with automated quality checks and orchestrator to ensure trustworthy data every step of the way.


Process and integrate document meta and key data gathered from virtually any document from any source to any data destination.


Automate workflows for your document data by composing data pipelines and generating compliant formats and standards once.


Combine document to data processing, formatting generation, integration, quality, and sharing in a single, unified solution.


UbliBot incorporates API integration and event driven architectures into the document to data lifecycle.


The built-in tools for ELT/ETL and change data capture (CDC) make it easy to integrate batch or streaming data.


UbliBot orchestration features give you full control and visibility into your data pipelines as it flows from the sources to the destinations.

Deliver trusted document data to the stakeholders who need it.

Document data is useless until it’s understandable, clean, compliant, and accessible. UbliBot makes it easier to discover, remediate, and share trusted data with simple tools to automate data processes, empower teams, and ensure data quality and governance.


Eliminate barriers between business and IT with self-service applications for classifying and documenting documents and data.


Make it easy and appealing to find and consume documents, formats, and key data with collaborative management features and Apps.


Embed data quality, scoping, stewardship, preparation, and cataloging into your data pipelines.

Ready to get started?

We can imagine that working with artificial intelligence may be challenging, like trusting a black box. We understand that UbliBot is more than just a new tool or a technological implementation and are here for you to make it a success.