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It started with Big Data

UbliBot is founded in 2017 by a small team of  five members implementing custom Cloudera, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Kafka, and ELK big data analytics solutions for SME+ to enterprise customers.

Procurement and sales

The stack was born in 2019 as a combination of a purpose-built single AI model and automation for order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay automation. 


As our customers deal with many different document types, capacity issues, automation and analytics use cases. They were looking for an all-in-one solution that scales. From 2022, UbliBot’s new K8S native SaaS product helps everyday companies automate their document processing fast.

Scale 2.0

It's our dream to bring autonomous driving to document processing


We are a team of full stack engineers, cloud architects, data scientists, customer success managers, and we take an end-to-end, innovation-led approach to helping our customers “imagine and invent” their futures. 

Our passion drives us to build data products that make it easier than ever to bring people, content data, and systems together.